At Zanzis® we welcome the opportunity to help you raise funds for your school program or community organization. Some of Zanzis® fund-raising activities are:

  • 10% donation days. Your organization and Zanzis® promote a specific day and up to 10% from each order is donated to your organization.
  • Coupon Booklets designed for your organization to sell in the community whereby all of the proceeds from the sale of the booklets go to your organization. Based on your organization and its leadership, these booklets can be dedicated to Zanzis® products; or, may include other brands and their products as well. In general, the more brands you involve in the booklet the more funds you will be able to raise.
  • If your organization is far-reaching, and the commitment long enough, we have stored value Zanzis® cards (that can be co-branded) and sold by your membership with an agreed upon portion of the card sale proceeds to your organization.
  • Car washes. If the Zanzis® site and facility will accommodate, you may use the site’s parking lot for a fund raising car wash or similar event on a pre-scheduled, pre advertised basis.
  • Customized fund raising program. We are happy to work with you to help design or facilitate a fund-raising program tailored to your specific needs and / or project goals.
  • Door Prizes. We are happy to provide your organization with Zanzis® Cards for door prizes at announced and scheduled events for your organization, or to help recognize special accomplishments or achievements.
  • Zanzis® DOT. Each pizza box has a proof of purchase (Zanzis® Dot). These dots can be collected and used to raise funds; or be rewarded with pizza parties or door prizes.

Download Your Z-Dot Registration Form

Stop in to your local Zanzis® store and ask for the store owner or manager in charge, or call 888 9Zanzis and ask to make an appointment to meet at the store.

If you are interested in learning more about Zanzis® fund-raising programs please stop by your local Zanzis® store and ask to speak to the Manager; or, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide your contact information and we will contact you.