The Zanzis® concept is all about quality, service, and value (QSV).

Zanzis® believes the retail price of pizza products is rising too much- too fast. There are many costs that affect the retail price of pizza products, the least of which are the ingredients. The ever-rising cost(s) of pizza delivery (delivery labor and payroll taxes, insurance, gas, vehicle repair and maintenance, and so on), energy and utility costs, and facility and equipment costs all play an important role in the cost of pizza products. The Zanzis® concept and its business model focuses on eliminating or controlling all non-food costs that contribute to the rising price of quality pizza products.

The Zanzis® Mission:

Impress our customers with fresh-baked quality products at an affordable price with a level of service that is unmatched in the QSR industry. Quality, Service, Incredibly FAST Serve-Time, Value, the Zanzis® Promise!

The Zanzis® Difference:

The folks at Zanzis® are committed to its Mission and will continue to explore and find ways to improve upon its service and value while maintaining the strict quality standards that guarantee our customer's a quality product.

Research and customer feedback show that a fresh-baked pizza requires about 45 minutes of the consumers time. In today's fast-paced world that is not always possible-or even desirable (for those consumers or when a consumer has an extra 45 minutes to dedicate to getting a fresh-baked pizza). The Zanzis® concept affords the consumer a quality Zanzis To Go!™ oven-fresh pizza product while allowing consumers to control their time and schedule, by eliminating time on the telephone, waiting at a table, or for a delivery to arrive. In some cases the Zanzis® customer can have a pizza product from Zanzis® faster than just the time it takes to call and get their order placed!

Using a simple limited menu approach, our Zanzis To Go!™ products are fresh-baked and then placed in a temperature protection box specially designed to eliminate heat loss while our customers place their orders. Pizza products are literally coming out of the oven every minute, thus guaranteeing a fresh-baked product for each customer.

Zanzis® offers a Build Your Own pizza product line for our walk-in lobby customers. Consistent with Zanzis® Mission, all Zanzis® stores offer a $8.99 Any Pizza everyday value price (may vary at some locations). Build Your Own products are prepared and fresh-baked in under 8 minutes.

People are the backbone of any company. The Zanzis® team members are not strapped with insurance and vehicle requirements, and do not have to work late night. This helps Zanzis® stores attract long term dedicated people that want to grow with the company. Zanzis® planned goal is to be the preferred employer in each community.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

Zanzis® guarantees your satisfaction with every visit. If you're not 100% satisfied with a Zanzis® visit or product we'll replace the product or refund your purchase price at the time of purchase. Please ask for the manager-in-charge.

Store Hours:

Store hours may vary by location or time of year. Some stores have winter and summer hours. Store hours are posted at the store location.